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Disruptive Technology:  making our lives easier or more complex?

With so many new technologies being launched every day it’s hard to know which ones we should invest our time and money in.  We have all experienced the scenario when we give a relative or friend a DVD or CD only to discover they only have a BlueRay system or no longer own a CD player.  When a new technology makes a previous product or service obsolete it is known as a disruptive technology or disruptive innovation.

Generally innovations that make our lives easier are a positive step forward.  However the pace of technologic advancement is so rapid in today’s world, it can be difficult to keep up and to know which technologies we should invest in and those that might be superseded quickly.

For example, whilst it was obvious that the personal computer (PC) offered speed, revision and quality benefits over the typewriter, the array of technology on offer today makes it difficult to know where to turn in the laptop, tablet, PC, mobile device market.

Never has this been more true for office printers.

If you think back just a few years, traditionally you would have one or maybe two printers (one black and white, one colour), a separate fax machine, photocopier and document scanner.  Advancement in the range and functionality of multi-purpose printing products has been huge and all of the previously mentioned functions can be performed, cost effectively on one device.

But with advancement comes complexity.  How does a facilities manager or finance director know what level of performance, quality and functionality their office needs - the costs attached to different printers reflect the level of sophistication required by the purchasing business.  No one wants to pay through the nose for a machine that is so complex no one in the organization can use it or indeed needs to. Similarly, buying the cheapest machine that turns out not to meet your business' needs will certainly be a false economy.

At System One we work with the latest technology from leading print innovator RICOH.  They provide us with full training on all of their systems to ensure we provide our customers with the correct system for their requirements.

RICOH also provide us with in-depth train-the-trainer coaching, so we are able to run detailed, step-by-step, training sessions so that everyone in your office knows how to get the best out of your machine.

If you buy your office printer through System One you can be assured you will:

1) get the right device, at the right price

2) get the right training, ensuring everyone can get the best out of your investment

3) get a rapid response from our technical support team, if anything goes wrong

4) in buying RICOH, one of the world's leading print innovators, you are future-proofing your business from technological obsolescence.

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