Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

The Problem

System One has supported the London office of Faegre & Benson LLP for the last 10 years with their copying and printing requirements. Despite many years of high quality advice and support, on occasions a customer will choose to implement their own recommendations over an industry professional and two years ago Faegre & Benson did just that.

In this instance, System One worked with Faegre & Benson specifically on their copy, print and scan requirements. The customer chose to go with an option that delivered a lower capital investment cost from a different manufacturer.

The Benefits

For nearly two years Faegre & Benson struggled with equipment and technical support that did not meet their requirements.

This caused tremendous frustration for end users as well as lengthy periods of down time, meaning that at times senior management had their focus on this problem instead of fee earning opportunities.

The Solution

In due course, Faegre & Benson approached System One asking us to implement our previous recommendations.

Today the customer has Ricoh equipment upon which they can rely and high quality technical support allowing the business to focus on meeting the pressures and demands of the legal profession.