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At System One we are always looking at ways to save businesses time and money. We also pride ourselves on helping companies reduce their impact on the environment.

Research shows that generally people want to do the right thing but due to today's busy 'always online' culture they struggle to make the right choices when it come to the crunch.

What really helps is having what we call a 'nudge' - a small reminder, with some quick tips on how to make a small but positive changes. This is why we have created a set of the "5 top tips to saving trees and saving your company money". Print this off and post it next to your printer and you will not only reduce your paper and toner wastage costs, you will be doing something great for the environment.

As we mentioned, System One prides itself on helping customers reduce their print running costs. One unique way we do that of is through our 3 Tiered Billing System. As an example, this means a Ricoh MFD will determine the required toner coverage when a user prints a document and bill this accordingly, based on the 3 tiered billing method: 0-10% @ 2.95p / 11-30% @ 4p / 31% and above @ 5p

To read about how we saved the YMCA 40% off their print costs using the 3 tiered billing system click here.

Remember to print off our A4 poster and put it up next to your print devices - print this one sheet is guaranteed to save you money and the planet trees.

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