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Recent research conducted by Great Guns Marketing reveals that whilst we are most definitely working in a digital world, print still holds its own in some important areas.

Business professionals were asked a series of questions and their answers demonstrated that printed materials were preferred for ease of interpreting business information, checking and proof reading important documents and especially for evaluating proposals.

55% of respondents said that they found information easier to take in when printed and the same again when reviewing work of their team workers, compared with only 18% on screen.

If you are an organisation that regularly creates pitch documents to win business, the case for taking a hard copy of your proposal as well as a USB stick is compelling, given that 63% of respondents said they preferred to evaluate proposals in hard copy.  The reasons given included being able to annotate the hard copy, being able to pass annotated copies to team members for their comments and having a marked up hard copy gave the decision maker more confidence they hadn’t missed anything.

It seems that whether you would like your employees to be able to assimilate information faster, or whether you want to present your business proposals for key clients in their most useful form, ensuring that your workplace print and copy facilities are meeting requirements should be top of any Facilities or Office Manager's agenda.

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