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The print industry, more than many others, needs to embrace technological innovation.  Whilst it's clearly not true, as we sometimes hear, that ‘print is dead', it can quickly become the case for print supplier's whose devices and services are not meeting the marketplace's requirements.


A recent study from MIT Sloan Management underscored this in concluding that most companies now face a digital imperative: adopt new technologies effectively or face competitive obsolescence. This is especially significant in the light of technology advances where the rate of change has nearly eclipsed our ability to teach and train for it.


The reason System One chose Ricoh as their main partner was because of their forward-looking approach to technology. Ricoh's simple strapline ‘Imagine. Change.' expresses their appetite for innovation, as well as industry leadership in delivering what is required in the here and now.


In turn, System One have lead the way in transferring the benefits of Ricoh's technology to its customers.  A prime example is in the three-tiered billing model, devised by System One, which allows end users to recognize and reduce toner coverage on certain types of printed documents.  System One was the first Ricoh supplier to pass the benefits of this solution, which include colour printing as low as 2.75p, onto its customers.  Having tested the billing system in the field, across a range of industries, we are regularly seeing delighted customers report cost savings of up to 35%.


It is not just Ricoh's leadership in technology and innovation that saw us partner with them.  We also chose Ricoh because of their investment in the education of all their partners, so that their technology is used to maximum effect in the field by end users. All of our System One technicians receive comprehensive and up to the minute training from Ricoh, so we can ensure that clients get the most out of their machines.


No only were System One the first print supplier to roll out the benefits of the Ricoh three tiered billing system to our clients, we also offer a comprehensive print audit free of charge.  This allows existing and potential clients to examine how they can implement Ricoh technology and System One's print managed service options in order to save their businesses' time, money and trees.  It's this commitment to putting our customers first, and seeking out new ways to add value to their business, that provides us with competitive advantage and carves out our leading position in the industry.  We work on the basis that if our customers are productive and efficient, then it's a win-win situation for them and us.


As a UK leader in the supply of managed print solutions and service support System One can create a customised, value for money solution to meet your specific company requirements.  Call us today to see how we can boost your print productivity and reduce your costs.




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